Score Rocks Music Magazine - October 2005

Joe Rohan - These Days

Location: Cleveland, OH

Initial Impression: I just crawled out of bed and flipped this CD in so forgive me if I'm devoid of deep thought enough to put together an initial impression beyond "I bet this will go great with a very large cup of joe…" (Pun intended.)

Notable Lyric: "Sweet love like an opium rain. Roll you over like a slow tidal wave." - "Lovestruck Romeo"

Factoid: If you're familiar with the Ohio music scene you might have noticed Mr. Rohan pounding beats for Mothertrain, Chris Allen, and Anne E. DeChant.

Serve With: A tall, skinny, no whip mocha and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Comments: What immediately struck me about this CD (okay so maybe I do have an initial impression) were the Train and Edwin McCain vibe present in Rohan's vocals. Joe delivers the strong presence of a guy that sounds like he's been singing his entire life. With a style that varies from the standard singer/songwriter to bluesy ballads, pop rocker, and occasional country twangs, Rohan untangles his stories of relationships, love and longing with effortless grace. I haven't formed an opinion yet as to his caffeinated version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" - personally finding it dangerous to tread near such legendary songs - but I get the impression of respect and adoration as opposed to any attempt at cashing in. (Pun not intended.) So, if you're a fan of soulful singer/songwriters, you could do a lot worse than finding your way to These Days.

Reviewer: Siren Kimmie

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Joe Rohan is a singer, songwriter and independent recording artist living in Cleveland, Ohio