Minor 7th.com – July 2005

Shawn Colvin, John Gorka, the early 90s -- a particularly fertile period for singer-songwriter types -- all come to mind upon first hearing Joe Rohan's second release "These Days." Comparisons could also be made to more contemporary aritists such as Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Train, especially to Train's "Meet Virginia" or their mega hit "Drops of Jupiter." What "These Days" lacks, however, is the production to bring what Rohan's doing up to date. Perhaps this is why the tracks with the most bare bones production are the standouts. Rohan shines his brightest and comes off his most original on the brief and poignant "James Dean." The simple, modest acoustic guitar accompaniment allows the song to breathe and Rohan's personality to emerge. The groovy "Lovestruck Romeo," with its bluesy acoustic riff and soulful vocal, also manages to escape sounding dated and is one of the best songs on "These Days." While the production on "These Days" breaks no new ground, it must be said that the musicianship is highly competent and the performances flawless. Curtis Leonard's guitar, Scott Smith's harmonica, and Mark Leach¹s Hammond B3 accent and flavor "These Days" throughout, keeping things interesting. The most, as they say, radio friendly track is probably "So Many Eyes," a driving, rock tune that displays best Rohan's obvious pop sensibilities. The drive present on "So Many Eyes," as well as on all tracks with drums, is provided by none other than Rohan himself. Rohan also contributes tasteful dobro and keyboards to "These Days." A truly talented artist.

© Chip O'Brien

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Joe Rohan is a singer, songwriter and independent recording artist living in Cleveland, Ohio